Case Studies

Kings Hall School

kings-hall-schoolKings Hall School in Taunton contacted us for advice on the best type of building for a grounds maintenance store on site, which they could design to their specific needs and possibly construct themselves. The requirement was for a construction that was large enough to house all of the grounds maintenance equipment securely, but still allow for easy access to the various types of equipment.

With this in mind we set about designing a steel building that was to be manufactured and supplied in Kit Form, so they could assemble the building on site with their own team.

We created a steel building that was 8 metres by 20 metres by 3.6 metres high, which gave the ground maintenance team all the required space they needed to safely and securely store their equipment. Bearing in mind that there was a need to access different types of equipment at varying times, we incorporated four roller shutter doors along one side of the building, with a pedestrian access to the side.

We also fitted a roof that had a number of ridge to eave skylights to allow for plenty of natural light in the building to reduce the need and cost for electric lighting. In addition we fitted an Anticon roof which incorporates a membrane on the underside of the sheeting to minimise condensation.

Once the designs were finalised with all of their preferences, it was sent for production and delivered to the school in a timely and efficient manner. Once onsite the Grounds Maintenance team began erecting the steel building themselves. To show our continued customer service and support we were on hand throughout the project by way of telephone, always offering our advice and help when it was required. This ensured that the construction went as smoothly as possible and they got the end result they wanted with their new Grounds Maintenance Store.

With another successful project completed, everyone involved are delighted with the results of the project and how it all turned out.


Sports Ground Store

One of our great success stories, is when we were approached by Chilcompton Sports Ground near Bath in Somerset. They got in touch with us about designing and constructing a secure steel building to be used for storing valuable grounds maintenance equipment on site.

As the building was going to be located at a Sports Ground where there was not always people on site to monitor security, it was imperative that the building was first and foremost made fully secure. Secondly, it needed to be the appropriate size and height to accommodate the varying ground maintenance equipment. And finally it required two entrances, which would be used for different kinds of access.

We suggested the construction of a cold rolled steel building that would be durable and hard-wearing, low maintenance and completely secure for all the relevant equipment, as well as being made bespoke to their specifications.

As a result, we set about designing and manufacturing the building that met their brief. Once the design was ready, we began construction of the 7m x 7m x 3m high building at Chilcompton Sports Ground. As part of the design we incorporated a roller shutter door to allow easy access to the bigger equipment and a pedestrian door to the side. Both entrances were made to be fully secure so the customer could have peace of mind that their equipment was safe at all times, as well as keeping it dry.

To finish off the look of the storage building the Grounds Committee also decided to paint and seal the floor, which really tied it all together and will also help with the upkeep of the surface too.

We were delighted to be given the opportunity to work with Chilcompton Sports Ground to create a bespoke building that exactly matched their requirements. Both us and the clients were extremely pleased with the end result of the project and can now easily and securely store all their grounds maintenance equipment in one place.

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