Cold Rolled, C Section Constructions (Galvanised Steel Buildings)

Cold Rolled, C Section Constructions (Galvanised Steel Building)

galvanised cold-rolled steel buildingOne of our specialities is our galvanised cold-rolled steel building; C Section constructions, which are fully galvanised steel buildings with portal frame designs. These galvanised steel buildings are so versatile that they can be used for small projects like a domestic garage or small workshop all the way up to large industrial or commercial buildings with increased function requirements.

The possibilities with these galvanised steel buildings are endless and we have the right skills and knowledge to create the building of your dreams. It is important for us to first of all establish the purpose of the building and all its requirements, so we can then get to work on the design, planning and construction. We build to the highest specifications to meet our customer’s needs as well as all current UK Building Regulations and codes.

The idea behind the galvanised cold-rolled steel building is to create a hard-wearing and durable construction that is also lightweight, maintenance free and built to the highest quality. We do this by combining fully galvanised steel frames with quality steel cladding, as well as ensuring that each building is fitted with high performance plastisol coated steel for the roof and walls.galvanised cold-rolled steel building

With each project, we start by working with our clients on the design and layout of the building to ensure we have a full understanding of the buildings purpose and individual requirements. Using state of the art technology we are then able to create structural drawings and plans at no additional cost to you.

The C Section constructions have many benefits and features, which make them the perfect choice. The high tensile, galvanised steel frame is the perfect base to work from and the buildings come in varying lengths, widths and heights so you can ensure it is just right for your needs.

The galvanised steel used makes it rust free, so it is incredibly hard-wearing. There is a wide range of colours available too, so it can either stand out or blend in with the surrounding environment. The galvanised steel also makes it maintenance free, as there is no need for creosoting or painting.

We want to give you value for money, so all our buildings come with rainwater goods included, plus they are fully recyclable too. Not only that, but we design them to maximise natural light coming into the building by fitting ridge to eave skylights, which can also help lower energy costs too.

galvanised cold-rolled steel buildingFor peace of mind, during and after the project, each building comes with the full structural drawings, a Full Manufacturer’s Warranty and is engineered to be fully compliant with the latest UK building regulations and codes.

We will take care of everything from the conception to the construction of your galvanised cold-rolled steel building. However, it is also possible for them to be manufactured in kit form for those wanting to build it themselves. Whatever you decide, we are always on hand with advice and support should you need it.

To find out what our galvanised steel buildings could do for you, contact us today on 07938 715203.

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