testimonial-julyWe know how important it is to make sure horses and their owners are well housed and can remain dry and comfortable whatever the weather or season, which is why at DSD Buildings Ltd we provide equestrian buildings that are built to the highest quality and for a wide range of functions.

Whether you want a field shelter, stable block, feed storage barn, or even an indoor arena, DSD Buildings are the right people for the job. Our team of experts know exactly what is required to make long-lasting, strong and durable buildings from steel or timber that are affordable and a sound investment.

We take the time to listen to the needs and requirements for each building and design a bespoke construction with all the features needed to keep both horse and owner happy.

When it comes to designing Equestrian buildings, animal welfare is at the core of everything we do. We want to create an environment that is going to be comfortable for the horses, as well as completely functional so carrying out every day chores is easier. We engineer our buildings to be light and airy with good ventilation,dry and warm, or cool depending on the seasons.

Our bespoke buildings are the perfect homes for horses and everything that goes with them, from food
and bedding storage to tack rooms and equipment. Whatever your needs, we can help you build your dream building from the design and planning to the groundwork and construction.

We are also specialists in indoor riding arenas, which is the ideal place for exercising and training horses when the weather outside isn’t great, or you want to work in a more controlled and safe environment. We build our indoor arenas in partnership with Maple Arenas, who provide us with the appropriate surface materials to meet your requirements.

In addition to our stable blocks, storage barns and indoor arenas, we also have a range of mobile field shelters, which are perfect for ensuring your horses have somewhere to get out of the rain or sun, plus they can be relocated easily for field rotations. Moreover, we also build traditional timber stable blocks, that come with plenty of standard and additional features for keeping the horses perfectly comfortable all year round.


Our timber equestrian buildings are built using wooden uprights and roof purlins, a lightweight
Onduline roof boarded with 11mm ply and is fixed to the roof trusses to prevent long term sagging and Tanalised Shiplap for the walls. The Onduline roof sheets are perfect for ensuring the equestrian building is completely weather-proof all year round, yet it doesn’t add too much weight on the timber frame structure.

The eave height (approximately 2.3m) and ridge height (approximately 2.9m) ensure there is plenty of roof space to keep it light and airy, plus each building is fitted with air vents in both gables to create well ventilated buildings for maximum comfort.


We try to think of everything to ensure your horses comfort and safety, as well as making sure your
building is durable and hard-wearing, so an approximate 1m overhang is built for protection against bad weather with a standard door opening of 1.1m wide and 2.1m high. In addition, we have other standard features including kickboards up to 4ft, anti-chew strips and top and bottom doors that are fitted with heavy duty, galvanised door furniture and kick bolts. There are also plenty of other additional features, which can be incorporated into the design such as windows, skylights, talk grilles, rainwater products and galvanised skids. Don’t be afraid to ask, as we will always do our best to accommodate your needs.

For more information on how we can help you get your perfect equestrian building, simply get in touch on 07938 715203

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