Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings

DSD Buildings Ltd specialise in designing and fabricating steel buildings from hot or cold rolled steel. Whether these buildings are for commercial units or domestic garages, we apply the same level of quality and service to every project we undertake.

There are two types of steel construction available, the traditional hot rolled steel, RSJ or alternatively a cold rolled c-section construction.

With our steel buildings we also provide a choice of finishes with a maintenance free galvanised or a traditional painted finish which allow us to find the most cost-effective solution for our customers according to the intended use, location and budget.

As part of our service, we use the latest technology to design your building and if necessary, our team can also supply full Structural Drawings and Structural Engineering Calculations on your behalf, for submission to your local authority for planning permission.

At DSD Buildings Ltd it is incredibly important our steel buildings are fit for purpose, strong, durable and a sound investment for each customer.

Hot rolled, RSJ construction

Hot RolledThe capabilities of an RSJ Construction make it the perfect solution for industrial or commercial buildings that will meet all the latest UK Building Regulations.

The traditional RSJ building is also ideal for Agricultural and Equestrian purposes, including tractor or machinery storage, hay or straw barns, grain stores, livestock housing, indoor arenas or stables. Due to the fact they are well ventilated and can be pest and vermin-proofed they can be perfect for keeping livestock or crops.

The RSJ constructions are sturdy buildings that can be customised with various features and benefits to ensure they meet UK Building Regulations as well as the customers’ requirements too.

  • Can be insulated with composite panels to meet Building Regulations
  • Can be fitted and certified with fireproofing products
  • The strong, durable frame is also able to withstand the ‘tractor test’ on farms
  • A choice of roofing sheets – box profile, composite or cement fibre
  • Option to use Yorkshire or Castle Boarding on the walls instead of steel cladding
  • Can easily incorporate dung walling or concrete panels
  • All buildings are manufactured to be fully compliant with relevant codes
  • Full Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Rainwater products and fittings are included
  • All steel buildings are complete with structural and foundation drawings
  • A wide range of building heights, widths and lengths
  • Available in Kit Form for self-construction

Cold Rolled, C-section construction

The C Section construction is made from cold-rolled steel and is a fully galvanised portal frame design, which is perfect for garages and workshops all the way up to commercial and industrial buildings.

The C Section construction buildings are fitted with high performance plastisol coated steel as standard for the roof and walls, which is lightweight, but hard-wearing. Teamed with the fully galvanised steel frame and quality steel cladding, this makes for a maintenance free building of the highest quality.

As part of our service, our team will use the latest technology software to design your building to your exact requirements with no extra cost to you.
Using a high tensile, galvanised steel frame the C Section construction comes with many features and benefits allowing you to create the ideal tailor-made building.

  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Galvanised steel makes it rust free
  • Maintenance free with no need for creosoting or painting
  • Natural light is maximised with ridge to eave skylights
  • All buildings are designed to be fully compliant with all relevant codes and regulations
  • Full Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Rainwater products are all included
  • All steel buildings are supplied with the structural and foundation drawings
  • The C Section buildings are available in varying lengths, widths and heights
  • These buildings are fully recyclable
  • It is also possible to purchase them in Kit Form for self-builds

As a family run business we pride ourselves on giving insightful and friendly advice at all times. So, if you have any queries regarding our steel building options, For a no-obligation quote today, simply call us on 07938 715203.

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